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MyOPD Usage Guide

User Guide to explain the working of MyOPD, Software for Doctors. Most of the lessons in this Tutorial apply for the Windows version application.

Further Articles

  1. A look at Search Patient  
  2. Add New Patient  
  3. Add Visit  
  4. Add Vitals in Visit  
  5. Adding Prescriptions, Adding Commonly used Medicines  
  6. Adding Templates for Medicines - Grouping Medicines together for Quick Rx  
  7. Additional Medicine Instructions  
  8. Entering Patient Allergic Drugs  
  9. How to do offline Hindi typing, Marathi typing, Gujarati Typing and other local language typing in MyOPD?  
  10. Important points about Prescriptions and Sample Prescriptions  
  11. Interpreting Online Backup Status  
  12. Issuing Medical Certificate  
  13. Monthly Income Expense Reports & Charts or Accounting Details  
  14. MyOPD Laser Connect - Connecting PC Software to Mobile App  
  15. OPD Expenses  
  16. Outstanding Payments Report or Unpaid Amount Report  
  17. Paediatric Dose Calculation  
  18. Patient Barcode printing via MyOPD Desktop Software  
  19. Patient Education with MyOPD  
  20. Payments - Contactless Payments - Explained  
  21. Payments - Contactless Payments - Pay As You Go Explained  
  22. Payments - Contactless Payments - Unlimited Plan Explained  
  23. Print Prescriptions  
  24. Print Signature on Prescription  
  25. Print Vital Chart on Prescription  
  26. Printing a Hospital Admission Letter  
  27. Printing the perfect Referral Letter  
  28. Quick entry for commonly used drugs  
  29. Reception module access in MyOPD Software  
  30. Record Vaccinations/Immunisations  
  31. Save Prescription as PDF and Share via WhatsApp / Email  
  32. Setting Printer Preferences  
  33. SMS - Group SMS or Campaign SMS  
  34. SMS Reminders  
  35. View Past Visits  
  36. Z - Save PDF without filename at the end of PDF File  

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