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Patient Education with MyOPD
Last Updated 4 years ago

MyOPD allows Doctors to educate patients about the ailments using Pictures.

This is especially useful for Doctors who want to explain Therapies, Surgical Procedures, Medical Conditions by showing Diagrams.

The folder should be organized as Category\Files

So if you want to save files for Diabetes, save them under the Diabetes folder.

Setting Document Library Folder Path

  1. Please download the patient education Document library from:
  2. Unzip the above file into a folder
  3. In MyOPD open Settings -> Application Settings
  4. Set Document Library Path setting to folder unzipped in Step 2 using the Select button
Using Document Library

  1. Document Library can be accessed via Profile -> Document Library
  2. At the very first instance, when you use the Document Library feature, some time will be spent on building index for search.
Updating Document Library

  1. If you add new files or directories under the document library, make sure you use Refresh Directory option in the Document Library
Sharing Images in Library via WhatsApp

  1. Click the first column which has file name. The entire file path will be copied to the clipboard.
  2. Use the patient WhatsApp share button. Then use Attachment button in WhatsApp
  3. Paste the file name that has automatically got copied
This way, you can share important Documents about common conditions, surgeries, any reference documents with patients and explain them during consultation.

Note: Images shared via link above in compressed file are obtained from

Doctors are required to exercise their knowledge while using any images. Team MyOPD will not be responsible for incorrect images or their incorrect interpretation by either Doctors or their Patients or anyone.

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