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Paediatric Dose Calculation
Last Updated 8 years ago

MyOPD assists Doctors to calculate Dynamic Doses in case of practices like Paediatrics

Here is how you can use the feature:

Enable Setting
  • Click Settings -> Application Settings
  • At the bottom, in "Other Options", select "Autocalculate Dose". Review the message, press OK. Press Done
Enter Dose Details for Medicine(s)
  • To set additional details for Medicine, click Profile -> My Medicines
  • Under "My Medicines" tab in this window, you would see columns - Dose (mg/kg/day), Frequency, Concentration and Range (mg/kg/day)
  • Against the medicine, set each of these items as per the guidelines to administer the medicine. Range (mg/kg/day) is optional parameter. 
  • Range is used to check that the dose does not exceed the limits of prescribed daily minimum or maximum 
  • Once done, click Close
Using Dynamic Dosing
  • Open the Patient's Visit
  • Enter Weight (kg) for the child
  • While entering Prescription, type the name of medicine in the "Add Medicine" box. Here, if suggestions show up, do not select a pre-existing dose given to someone else. Just select the name of medicine only. 
  • Once you enter just the name, the doses are automatically calculated and added to the row as per the Frequency selected. 
  • Review these doses and set the Duration and Special Conditions for the medicine 

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