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How to do offline Hindi typing, Marathi typing, Gujarati Typing and other local language typing in MyOPD?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Earlier, we used to recommend Google Input tools to our Doctors. With this tool, Doctors were able to type the word in English and the Hindi equivalent would appear. So on typing the word, Namaste, the Hindi language Devanagari script नमस्ते would appear. This was a very important feature. However, Google has now discontinued the Google Input tools utility. This method of entry is known as transliteration.

Since this utility does not exist, you can now use Microsoft Indic Language Tools.

Download the appropriate language tool from Microsoft Website:

After installing the tool, you will see the Indic Language icon in the bottom right corner of the PC.


That's it. You are all set and now you can start typing regularly in the language of your interest.

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