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SMS - Group SMS or Campaign SMS
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Group SMS is a useful feature when you would like to send Healthcare messages to a group of people. These could be patients with similar conditions like Diabetic Patients or Patients with Arthritis and so on...
If you want to relay an important information like a checkup camp in your clinic, you can do so be selectively sending messages to that group.

Adding Patients to a Group
  • Search a Patient. Patient's information will be seen on the Right side
  • Scroll down and you would see Group Info on the left
  • If no Groups are created already, you would not see any. You can add your own groups by entering the name of the Group like Diabetic in the text box and click the "+" icon. The Group name will be saved for future use
  • As you add groups, they will be show as list under Group Info
  • Now, simply check the Group to which you want this patient to belong. That would add the Patient to the respective group
  • Make sure you tell the patient to get unblocked from the Health DND. Click the Information icon "i" for more information. Convey this to patient so that this can be done by the Patient as early as possible
Sending Group SMS
  • Click the My Campaigns button displayed below the list of Patients
  • You need to be connected to internet to create a campaign.
  • Enter the Details on the form, verify you have sufficient credits
  • Create your campaign message, select the group and click send
  • Campaign messages are subject to review by MyOPD staff to ensure they are valid non-abusive messages
Things to know for Campaign SMS
  • Campaign messages get delivered between the scheduled 9AM - 9PM window as approved by TRAI. You are free to submit the messages any time, however, they are delivered only in this time window.
  • If you submit messages after 7PM, they will be delivered on the next day.
  • If your group contains more than 10 recipients, you will receive an SMS from MyOPD once all the messages are processed and submitted for delivery.
  • Campaign SMS are subject to DND resitrictions. Patients who have blocked messages will not receive them. Click on Things to Know on the Campaigning form to know more about this. You need to ask Patients to unblock themselves from the Health DND category.
  • MyOPD is registered under Health category, hence, campaign messages will be delivered to patients who do not block the health category.

Wish you Happy Campaigning!

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