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Z - Save PDF without filename at the end of PDF File
Last Updated 3 years ago

This option is recommended for Doctors who do not want to see filename at the end of saved PDF file or whose PDF saving is failing.

  1. Download PDF print utility from:
  2. Unzip the above file into a folder
  3. Enter into this folder. You will see a bin folder.
  4. Enter into the bin folder and copy the entire folder path upto bin folder.
  5. In MyOPD open Settings -> Application Settings
  6. Set PDF Printer Command to the file path copied in Step 4 and add the remaining details at the end as shown below upto the end of the line as shown, until encoding utf-8
    FULL_DIRECTORY_PATH_UPTO_BIN_FOLDER\wkhtmltopdf.exe:--enable-local-file-access --encoding utf-8
  7. Click the Save option besides the setting
That's it. Now use Save PDF option for Rx. You will see that the generated PDF does not have filename at the end of the file.

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