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01 - MyOPD PC Version Release 7.1.1 - 28-Sep-2021 - Published
Last Updated 3 years ago

  • OPD Improvements:
    • Add Documents from Reception and save time for reviewing them!
      • Reception staff can now add Documents to patients added in Queue.
      • These can include PDF lab reports, X-Ray Images etc.
      • Once the visit is opened on Doctor's end, the documents section will already have these images set.
      • Add Document option is present in Visit section under the Patient Queue at reception.
      • If Reception staff are using software on PC, Documents have to be present on the PC.
      • If Reception staff are using software via Tablet, Documents can be added by taking a photo or selecting from Gallery.
    • Modify Vitals at Reception for patients in Queue
      • In all our earlier versions, Reception staff could not change the vitals once they were entered while adding the patient to the Queue.
      • This release allows Reception staff to edit the vitals in case they missed any or incorrectly added any.
      • To modify the vitals, simply click on the Vitals of the patient in Queue.
    • Disable Alert Bell Feature
      • Many Doctors have reported issue with this feature. As a result we are discontinuing this feature until further notice.
    • Show Bed Number in Track Visits
      • Track Visits now shows Bed Number of patient along with Admitted Patient Name for easier identification
    • Bug Fixes

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