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Contactless Payments with MyOPD ZIP
Last Updated 4 years ago

MyOPD allows you to accept payment online from your patients

Here, we explain how Contactless payments works with MyOPD ZIP Android app. Please note, this feature is currently available only in India.

Whenever a patient pays via the Payment Link, the app automatically detects the payments and shows the details of payment.

The Payment Gateway transaction charges currently applicable are given below:
Whenever a payer transacts any amount, the payment gateway applies a charge based on the method of payment by the payer. Current charges by our payment gateway provider are given as under.

Payment Methods Pricing
UPI 0.90%
Debit Cards less than 2K 0.75%
Debit Cards more than 2K 1.10%
Credit Cards 1.90%
Net-banking 1.90%
Mobile Wallets 1.90%
GST 18% on the payment gateway charges.
Not on the full amount.

Contactless Payments with MyOPD ZIP*

Let's assume that the patient is paying via UPI after getting the link, which has the payment gateway charge of 0.9% plus GST. Here is what you will receive in the bank account for various amounts:

Paid Amount by Patient (INR) Payment Gateway Charges (INR) MyOPD FEE Final Amount in Your Bank Account (INR Approx)
100 1.062 0 98.9
200 2.124 0 197.87
300 3.186 0 296.81
400 4.248 0 395.75
500 5.31 0 494.69

Submit Your Bank Details

So what are you waiting for? Submit your Bank Details from within the MyOPD ZIP app to start collecting money today!

Please Note:

Once the amount is paid by the client it will get transferred to your Bank Account in 2 Business days.

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