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06 MyOPD PC Version Release 6.6 IPD ONLY RELEASE - 23-July-2020
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • OPD Improvements:
    • PDF Printing fix for Doctors experiencing Save PDF print failures
      • A new method for Rx Save PDF feature of is introduced. Doctors who have reported failure in PDF printing are requested to get in touch with us. We will help them print using the new method so that this issue does not happen again.
  • Multi-Doctor version and IPD Improvments:
    • New Report - IPD Billing Report
      • This is a new report introduced. It gives details of Bills issues from IPD based on Date range given and Discounts for bills given as well. This report is available under the Reports section in IPD.
    • Changes to Income Report
      • Income Report is changed to avoid confusion of data and maintain consistency of values shown
    • Admitted Patient Report
      • Prior to this change, there was no way to view number of patients admitted and their bed allocation. This is now fixed. This report can be viewed on the Search page. Report option is displayed when you select "All Admitted" option above the search box to search patients in IPD.
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