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05 MyOPD PC Version Release 6.5 - 23-Apr-2020
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • OPD Improvements:
    • Rx Charts
      • Doctors can now print Charts for Blood Pressure, BSL, Sr. Creatinine, Growth Charts and other vitals right on the Rx. To print the vital chart, select the Print checkbox against a Vital. Please note, at the moment, you can only include two vitals at a time. Blood Pressure (Sys/Dia) is counted as one chart. Last 10 values get printed on the Rx.
    • Rx tuned for Online consultation
      • While doing online consultation, Doctors will share the PDF Rx with patient. During PDF generation, certain information like Follow-up was missing. Plus, Header with Clinic name was missing if the Printer setting was set to print on letter head. It is taken care now. Please make sure you have the correct Clinic Timings, Address and other details reflected for the Clinic / Hospital name.
    • WhatsApp click to Chat
      • Doctors can share the PDF Rx from Windows version directly with the patient over WhatsApp. This works even if you do not have the phone number of the patient stored in the phonebook! To use this feature, tap the WhatsApp icon in the Visit entry section. It will open WhatsApp Web Window. Setup WhatsApp Web for your number. You can also setup a WhatsApp Business account for another SIM that you may have and keep it exclusively for clinic chats. WhatsApp Web works for regular WhatsApp accounts as well as WhatsApp Business accounts. Once you start using WhatsApp web, you will feel the ease of communicating with patients on the Web UI. Give it a try!
    • UPI QR code on Receipt
      • UPI QR code is also printed on the Receipt now. Earlier, it was printed only on the Rx.
    • Inventory adjustment at Reception
      • This is an important change for Doctors using Inventory and Reception version. When Doctors prescribe medicines, sometimes, patients already have some medicines or want to purchase lesser count tablets. There was no way to adjust it after prescribing. Reception staff can now dispense less than prescribed count of medicines and adjust the payment of patient accordingly. Please note, to use this feature, you have set Reception account as "Active with Prescription".
    • Include Chief Complaints and Clinical Findings in Exported Report
      • Doctors have pointed that Municipal staff at times request Doctors to share data of patients with particular Signs and Symptoms. To help Doctors work with this requirement, Chief Complaints and Clinical Findings are now a part of Exported report. This report is generated in the "Advanced Search/Report" section.
    • Capturing Digital Payment Mode
      • With many patients paying digitally, Doctors can now note the method of payment as Digital. In case of reception version where the reception staff is handling payment, Doctors can ask the reception staff to set this payment mode while accepting payment. The payments report generated in the "Advanced Search/Report" section has details of this method of payment for tracking.
    • Bug Fixes: Multiple bugs related to program crashes and memory growth of the software are fixed in this release.
  • Multi-Doctor version and IPD Improvments:
    • Multi-Doctor Queue Feature
      • Doctors using Multi-Doctor version can now ask the reception staff to create a Queue of waiting patients for Doctors in multiple chambers. Prior to this version, Queue of waiting patients could only be created for the main Doctor. With this feature, each Doctor can individually work on the Queue of waiting patients and gets an idea of the load of patients.
    • Print Balance Amount on Provisional Bill: Balance amount was not printed on Provisional bill. This is fixed now.

    MyOPD Desktop Companion (iOS) app improvements:
    • MyOPD Laser Functionality
      • Doctors using iOS Desktop Companion app were unable to use the Laser functionality on iPhones to upload files and view attachments of patients. This will change shortly. We will release the iOS app soon on the AppStore which will have this implementation.
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