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Teleconsulting via MyOPD ZIP app
Last Updated 4 years ago

While Telemedicine is currently not available as a end-to-end solution, we do have an option where you can share Rx via Email / WhatsApp to your patient.

For Doctors in India, as per the NITI Aayog's teleconsultation guideline, you can have video call with patient via Google Duo, WhatsApp, Facebook FaceTime or Skype as well. For Doctors in other countries, we request you to check if these apps are permissible to use for Video consultation to the patients.

MyOPD ZIP will come handy right now to document your case.

Below is an image showing one such case:

So go ahead, and add your patients. It is really that simple!
Here, the image seen inset is a ongoing video call via Google Duo. You can maximize and minimize it as you keep entering data.

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