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07 MyOPD PC Version Release 6.3 - 28-Dec-2019
Last Updated 2 years ago

Release Date: 28-Dec-2019

  • OPD Improvements
    • MyOPD Laser - Desktop Companion App Improvements (Android only release):
      • View Patient details like Age, DOB, Blood Group, Custom ID are now seen in the companion app. Prior to this release, they were not seen in the app when patient was created on the PC version.
      • Lab/Vital Parameters: Some parameters from PC version were not reflected in mobile version. This is now corrected.
      • Show recent visit on top: If a visit is created via the app and Desktop visit gets synced to the app, recent most visit will be shown first.
    • Windows Version Improvments for OPD version are as follows:
    • UPI Code on Prescription (India only feature): Choose to print UPI code on Prescription and give patients an option to pay digitally via BHIM app. To use this feature, follow below steps
      • Open Settings -> Printer Preferences
      • Under "What to Print" group, select "UPI QR Code"
      • Enter the virtual payment address (VPA) like 9423380390@upi or clinicname@okicici etc
      • The QR code will be automatically generated and printed on prescription
      • If you are using Google Pay or Phone Pe, you will find your VPA within those apps
    • Print Names of 2 Doctors on Prescription Header: Many of our clients practice as a couple. They had requested to include names of both Doctors at the same time on the letter head. Assuming you have the name of 2nd Doctor added to software, please follow below steps
      • Open Settings -> Printer Preferences
      • Under "What to Print" group, select "Second Doctor Name"
      • After this setting is done, Clinic name will be printed at the top and names of both the Doctors will be printed side by side on the same paper
    • Visit Time printing is optional: Doctors who do not want to print visit time can stop printing it. Please follow below steps
      • Open Settings -> Printer Preferences
      • Under "What to Print" group, remove "Visit Time" selection
    • Template Performance issues: Templates is one of the most important feature used in this software. Some Doctors have created more than 100+ templates. In such cases, the software used to take a long time to load all of them. This issue is now fixed. You will see a noticeable improvement when you use template from now on. No action is required for this. This will be handled automatically from within the software.
    • Outstanding Payment report now includes Middle-name and Address: When names of patients clashed, outstanding payment report, under Advance Search/Report, made little sense. This is improved now to include middle name as well as patient address to differentiate better.
    • Keyboard shortcut to open Past Visit View: Alt-View can be used to open the past visit view form. This way, mouse is not required to open the Past Visit form. To close the past visit form and come back to the current visit view, use Alt-B. Use of mouse is eliminated for these two operations.
    • Documents in Past Visit View: The new past visit view was not able to show Documents. For that, "All Visit" view had to be accessed. This is now fixed. You can now see all the documents in Past Visit view screen, on the right.
    • New Vital Added - Respiratory Rate (RR): A new vital is now added under the Vitals section.
    • Export All Patients to Excel: In search patient view, when All Patient option is selected under View, a list of patients is displayed. Just below this list, there is an Export option. It can be used to export Patient details to Excel. Please be careful with this option as entire Patient's details like phone number and email address can be exported. This option requires authentication. So never share your login and password with anyone.
    • Inventory Improvements: Bugs reported by multiple Doctors using this feature have been addressed.
    • OPD Insurance / Corporate Billing: This feature is helpful for Doctors who are into treating corporate clients. Doctors can associate company of this patient as the Payer of this patient. In that case, the patient's entire OPD bill will be handled by the Payer. Doctor can then issue an invoice to the Payer with the details of patients seen during a period. On receipt of payment from the Payer, this pending amount gets cleared. This feature can be used as follows:
      • Select Profile -> Payer Master and add a new Payer
      • Associate Patients with Payers while adding / modifying patients
      • Use the options in Payer Master to generate and settle invoices
    • What's New Section: We keep on releasing upgrades from time to time and send upgrade emails. In addition, we are now listing these details of upgrades at a dedicated place on our site for you to refer. To see what's new in the latest release details as well some past ones, click Help -> What's New option
  • IPD Improvments:
    • New Payment Modes: Additional payment modes like Internet Banking, UPI and Wallet have been added to the IPD section.
    • Surgery Name Autocomplete: While adding Surgery name, autocomplete has been implemented based on previously entered data.
    • Powerful Reporting: Till this version Doctors and staff did lot of hard work to enter data. It is now time to make use of it. To use this feature, select: IPD Desk section -> IPD Reports
      • Use Discharge Report section to view reporting of Discharge Patients
      • Report can be viewed for All Patients / Surgical / Obstetrics patients
      • This report is based on Date Range and / or Diagnosis
      • The report also gives summary of Diagnosis during the selected period
    • Unpaid Bill Alert: Alert will pop up if patient with unpaid previous bill is being admitted again for the next time.
    • Performance Improvements: With increased data, the software will perform with this version for IPD section as well.
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.

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