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08 MyOPD PC Version Release 6.2 - 18-Oct-2019
Last Updated 3 years ago

Release Date: 18-Oct-2019

  • OPD Improvements
    • MyOPD Laser - Desktop Companion App Improvements (Android only release):
      • Capture out of clinic visits: Prior to this release, MyOPD Desktop Companion App would only allow you to view the details entered on the Desktop PC. However, with this improved change, MyOPD now allows Doctors to capture the visit via Android App.
      • This is useful if Doctors go for Home visits or have to capture visits of patients outside the clinic, say in a hospital.
      • Print Rx: Once a visit is entered, you can print it using a WiFi printer or share it over email to the patient's Email address.
      • On coming back to the clinic and connecting laser, the mobile app syncs the visits done elsewhere with the main PC so that you have a unified view on the PC.
      • Doctors who are using inventory management for stock keeping are currently advised against using Laser. This may cause incorrect calculations in the stock. We are working on a way to resolve this.
      • View Procedures and Investigations: The new release allows Doctors to see the Procedures and Investigations captured in the Desktop version in the summary of the patient in the app. This was not available earlier.
      • First time setup notification: When the Desktop Companion app is setup for the first time on any phone, an OTP is delivered to the Doctor's registered mobile number. This OTP is used as a security measure to download patient information to the phone. Now, with every such download, we will also email the Doctor about the device name and the IP address using which this download happened. This is just for the security of you and your patients. Please note, never share the OTP of first download of patients with anybody.
      • Continue Patient and Visit sync irrespective of SMS credits: Patients and visits added in the Desktop version did not reflect in the app version if the SMS credits got over. This won't happen anymore. Irrespective of the SMS credits, the sync will continue.
      • All the above features will be available once we release the Android app separately on Google Play Store.
    • My Patients: On clicking My Patients, MyOPD now directly opens the patient view instead of showing the Today option.
    • Improved Fitness Certificate: In addition to the earlier options in the fitness certificate, you can now also print Vital information, Vision details, Hearing details, complaints and history on fitness certificate based on the options chosen.
    • Save and View Fitness Certificates issued in Past: Until today, the option to save an issues Fitness Certificate was missing. This is now fixed. The latest version saves the issued Fitness Certificate for further reference.
    • View Details of Payment Done at Reception: Many times, Patients pay at reception prior to meeting the Doctor for multiple services like Consultation, X-Ray, ECG etc. Doctors are unaware of what the Patient has paid for and have to check with reception again to carry out those tasks. This release allows Doctors to see payment details in the visit form during consultation to fix the communication gap.
    • Printing Improvements:
      • Option to Print and Highlight a medicine are separated. In the earlier release, the print and highlight option were controlled by only one combo box which was tedious to use. Now they are separated into multiple columns for ease of use.
      • You can now print medicines that are added only in the current visit. When you have to give medicines which are long running, do not enter the duration. That way the medicine without duration keeps showing in every visit. However, when such patients come for checkup again and some new medicines are given for a temporary issue, you can now print only those which were issued today by one click. This way, you don't have to remove the print from every previous medicine that was carried over into this visit.
    • What's New Section: We keep on releasing upgrades from time to time and send upgrade emails. In addition, we are now listing these details of upgrades at a dedicated place on our site for you to refer. To see what's new in the latest release details as well some past ones, click Help -> What's New option
  • IPD Improvements:
    • Print paid amount in words on IPD Receipt and Final Bill.
    • Multiple Diagnosis Entry: During admission, in earlier version, it was not possible to capture Multiple diagnosis entries on IPD admission and discharge card. This release makes it possible.
    • Enhancement on IPD Bed Master
    • Print Document Handover note on Discharge Summary: Prior to admission, patient hands over a list of his prior Medical Documents to the staff. These are handed back to the patient on Discharge. Discharge summary now has an option to print this note for added benefit of the Doctor.
    • Option to Delete/Modify Surgery Details: Earlier, once the Surgery details were added, there was no option to delete or modify it. That is now fixed. You can modify the details.
    • Pre-Designed Consent forms: With this release, you will see pre-designed consent forms under the consent form section. The consent forms are for Sterilization, Blood Transfusion etc.
    • Capture Anesthetist Fee on Surgery Tab: Anesthetist Fee can be captured along with Surgeon Fee in the Surgery Details Tab.
    • Bug Fixes and Performance improvements
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.

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