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09 MyOPD PC Version Release 6.1 - 30-Aug-2019
Last Updated 3 years ago

Release Date: 30-Aug-2019

  • OPD Improvements
    • Track time of visit. Now, time of visit will be printed on Rx along with date. Time will be printed based on the time of your PC. Please make sure your PC has the correct time.
    • Print Receipt, Referral Letter and Hospital Admission Letter with logo and color header
    • Enhancement to Visit Report - Visit Report that gets printed from Advanced Search / Report now includes Phone number and Email address of the patient.
    • New Medicines / Inventory related enhancements
      • New medicine can be added via My Medicines section.
      • Medicine search under My Medicines section is made faster with suggestions of existing medicines
      • Reuse Purchase details of a Vendor while adding medicines in the batch from the same bill of vendor
      • Suggestions added for Manufacturer while adding inventory
    • Use Follow-up charges set in the Settings section by selecting Follow-up as Visit Type. This way, the Visit Charges will be set with Follow-up charges.
    • Follow-up patient list for a particular day can be exported to spreadsheet just like appointment list
  • IPD Improvements:
    • Multi-Terminal OPD: Until this version, MyOPD was always a single OPD Doctor, multiple IPD Doctors software. If you have visiting Doctors, they could not use OPD part for prescription printing like the main Doctor uses. With this version, you can have other Doctors use MyOPD for Prescription printing just like you do. Since this feature is new, please consult us before using this feature for the first time.
    • IPD Billing Improvements: Bill format is improved to provide detailed section wise totals
    • Printing Improvements:
      • Discharge Summary and Bill now handles a case if the patient address is big. In earlier version, when the patient had a long address, the printing would be incorrect.
      • All documents printed via IPD software now have modern column based top section header just like OPD Prescription header.
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.

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