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11 MyOPD PC Version Release 5.9 - 1-Jul-2019
Last Updated 3 years ago

Release Date: 1 July 2019

  • Colored Prescriptions: MyOPD now allows Doctors to start printing color Prescriptions. To use this feature, please follow below steps:
    • Open Settings -> Printer Preferences
    • Check the new option against Doctor Name and Clinic Name
    • Choose the Color and you are set!
  • Clinic Logo: Use Standard Logo used by Doctors or add your own Logo. Select the Clinic Logo option for choices.
  • Watermark Logo: Beautify the Prescription even better by setting the logo as Watermark. With Watermark, the logo is faintly printed on the entire paper giving the Prescription a great effect and branding
  • Highlighting a medicine: Sometimes, out of a list of medicines, certain medicines are extremely important. MyOPD now allows you to highlight such medicines with yellow background. To highlight the medicine, once you add the medicine, move over to the Print column. Select Hightlight option from the drop down.
  • Discounts: Want to give Discounts to patients? We have now added a Discount option as well. Select whether the Discount should be in % or exact amount. This option is available in the Visit Charges section.
  • Highlight Previous Balance: When the patient has previous balance, it is now shown in Red besides the Visit Charges so that you do not miss that.
  • Detailed Report of Patient Visits: The TamilNadu Government requires monthly data submission in a particular format. Our Advanced/Search report with "Visit/References" option was close to it. It is modified to include the other recommendation required by TamilNadu. In the previous version the report did not function as it took a long time to load. This is now fixed.
  • Today's Income at Reception: Reception staff can now see the total income of the day and report it to the Doctor. The Reception screen will show "Today's Income" link
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.

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