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13 MyOPD PC Version Release 5.7.1 - 4-Feb-2019
Last Updated 2 years ago

Release Date: 4th February 2019

Doctor Version:

  • MyOPD Laser: We have introduced a new way to let the MyOPD Desktop companion Android app communicate with the PC version. MyOPD Laser is a way this will happen. To connect mobile app to PC, follow the steps at link:
  • Scan Barcode on Prescription via MyOPD App: Doctors can now start to print barcode along with Rx. Barcode will have the OPD ID in a standard Barcode format that can be interpreted using a MyOPD Desktop Companion Android App. No need for a separate barcode reader. To print barcode on Rx, follow below steps:
    • Click Settings -> Printer Preferences
    • Select Patient Barcode checkbox to start printing Barcode on Prescription
    • To scan barcode, use the MyOPD Laser Connect option in the Mobile app
  • Modified Past Visit View as a Printed Rx: To improve better understanding of the Past visits in a summarised way, we have modified the view of Past Visits. When you click "View Past Visits"
    • A new Window showing Summarised past visit view will be seen. This view is more like the way you issue a Rx to the patient. It will help Doctors in better understanding of the details that you have entered previously.
    • This Window has Next and Previous buttons to scan through visits.
    • If you want to see the previous past visit form, click "View All" on this new form and you will see the previous past visit form.
  • Reduced Startup Time (IMPORTANT):
    • MyOPD is now being used so heavily that it takes time to build the list of medicines and the combination of dosages being used.
    • This causes a delay in starting of the software. The Login screen takes a long time to appear.
    • We have changed the way software behaves now. This list is built simultaneously as you see the login screen. As a result, you will still be able to login to MyOPD while this work is being done in the background. You may experience delay in the software while this is happening. It is expected.
    • You can open a patient's visit and try to add details to Chief Complaints etc. However, the Prescription entry will not be allowed until this list is completely built. The software will stop you from doing that. Kindly wait until the list gets generated and then retry.
  • Respules added to Medicine Units
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.
Reception Version Improvements:

  • New Medicine Entry: New medicines can be now entered by reception staff. So if the Doctor hands over a list of medicines to have them appear in the Software, Receptionist can add them in their free time. This will save time for the Doctor.
  • Inventory Stock Entry from Reception end: Reception staff can also add medicine inventory related details. This reduces the work of Doctor to add medicine batches, cost etc
  • Additional Vitals/Investigation parameters entry from Reception: All Vitals / Investigation parameters seen in the Doctor seen can be added by reception staff.
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.
IPD Version Improvements:

  • Improved Discharge Summary:
    • Capture "Condition at the time of Discharge" and "Treatment Given" in the Discharge Summary.
  • Save Discharge Summary as Draft: Many a times, Doctors complained that the Discharge summary has to be written in one go at the end. This was a big issue. Now, Doctors and Staff can start writing discharge summary as the patient treatment progresses and save the summary as a draft. Once the patient is going to be discharged, then save it entirely. After that, further modifications will not be allowed.
  • Fix Patient/Attendant Note during DAMA Discharge: When the Discharge type is DAMA, interpretation of Patient/Attendant note was incorrect. This is fixed.
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.

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