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14 MyOPD PC Version Release 5.6 - 26-Dec-2018
Last Updated 2 years ago

Release Date: 26th December 2018

What's New in this Version?

IPD Improvements

  • Multiple Consultant Appointment Booking: Have multiple consultants visiting your hospital for OPD? Start taking care of their appointments with the help of your reception. Send SMS reminders if required for their patients too.
  • OPD and IPD Past visit summary in IPD Section: View the past visit summary of OPD and IPD visits of a patient in the IPD section. To use this:
    • Select a Patient in IPD section
    • Click on Summary Button at the bottom
    • You will see the Past Visit Summary in the left panel. This summary will show the Previous OPD Visits for this patient.
    • You will also see IPD Summary in the left panel. This summary will show the Previous IPD Visits for this patient.
  • Print Admission Summary: MyOPD now allows you to print admission summary directly via the software. After admitting the patient and filling in the initial details, you will be able to print a Admission Summary which can then be attached to the Patient's file.
  • Create and Print Consent Forms: Doctors can now create multiple consent forms in multiple languages and formats. These can then be printed directly on your letter heads as and when required. To use this feature, do the following:
    • In the IPD Section, click Forms and Documents link in the top section
    • Check the sample forms given. You can choose what to include while printing a form.
    • View the Preview of existing forms to know how form gets printed.
    • To create a new form, click Add New. Then give it a name and configure it the way you want.
    • You may also include local language to create these forms.
    • Once printed, you can include these forms in the patient's file with their signature.
OPD Improvements

  • Email Issues: Many times email option for Receipt and Rx did not work for some Doctors. This is now taken care.
  • Barcode for Patient ID: Doctors can now start to print barcode along with Rx. Barcode will have the OPD ID in a standard Barcode format that can be interpreted using a Barcode 128 Reader. Usually, these readers cost around Rs. 2000 - Rs. 3000. To enable Barcode printing, follow below steps:
    • Click Settings -> Printer Preferences
    • Select Patient Barcode checkbox to start printing Barcode on Prescription
  • Hide mobile number printing on Rx: Doctors can choose to hide their mobile number on the Rx. To enable this feature, follow below steps:
    • Click Settings -> Printer Preferences
    • Remove Doctor Mobile No check to stop printing the Doctor's mobile number set in My Profile section on the Prescription
  • Option to Print Medicine List in Receipt: For Doctors who dispense medicines, Receipt can now include the entire list of medicines instead of just a single head of Medicines and its charges. This will help the patient to know which medicine costs how much and bring transparency in the transaction. To use this setting, follow below steps:
    • This feature can be used only if Track Medicine Inventory is ON under Settings -> Application Settings
    • Click Settings -> Printer Preferences
    • Select Receipt option
    • Select Medicine List checkbox to include medicines in Receipt
  • Show Last Internal Notes in Past Visit Summary: When mouse is placed over the Past Visit link, past visit summary is seen. This summary will now include Internal Notes from previous release.
  • Additional Vitals: AEC is now added in the list of vital parameters.\r\n>
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to general working of the software are fixed.

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